One of our most popular wines is our FroZin – a Zinfandel dessert wine that is emphatically not port, not ice wine and not like anything else. It features fresh, fruity flavors, with a healthy acid balance and low alcohol. It’s fabulous served chilled alongside an elegant fruit or dark chocolate dessert (more of these recipes to come!) or as a glaze on a delicious hunk of meat. But one of my very favorite uses for FroZin is as the bases for a delicious cocktail – our famous Frozini.

The recipe is exceedingly simple:

  • One part FroZin
  • One part Vodka
  • Twist of orange

Mix equal parts FroZin and vodka, and shake over ice. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with slice of orange. This version emphasizes the FroZin’s fruitiness.

To emphasize the vanilla richness, try using vanilla vodka or substituting a dash of chocolate syrup instead of lemon. Delicious.