I’m sure that you all are gutted by another difficult turn to 2020 with the Glass Incident. It’s harvest and we want to help.

We’re Connecting Wineries Who Need Help with Folks Who Can Help.

There are more wineries who are in a really tough spot from this fire, whether they’ve lost their facility, their crop, their entire inventory, or simply can’t receive grapes they planned on picking this week, etc.

Meanwhile, there is available tank space over here in Sonoma County from our short crop and smoke taint concerns.

I’m trying to put together a central resource for people who need ferm space, grapes, services, or anything else needed to make wine right now.

The goal is to try and help our neighbors replace or salvage something from any kind of difficult situation. We all know this vintage has been brutal, I can’t imagine having to deal with losing my facility and inventory too. Let’s find some solutions for folks and fill some lonely tanks.

Our team is building a spreadsheet of wineries that can receive fruit, vendors who are available to provide services, along with contextual info on space, timing, capacity, etc. The idea is to provide either discounted prices or flexible terms to help get solutions moving quickly.

Here’s the kind of help we can connect:

  • Custom crush facilities or fermentation space with discounted rates or deferred payment plans 
  • Discounted services, including trucking and smoke taint filtration 
  • Grapes 

Fill out this form to request connections to help.

And if you have space or services to offer, fill out this form. We’ll make connections for as many folks as possible.

If you have questions, call Lucas Meeker at 707-529-7096.

Stay safe out there.