photo (1)For the full Tribe Newsletter & tasting notes, click here. In the meantime, enjoy the nature report:

This nature report is a bedtime story – not to worry, it will still be rated PG-13 – about the current sleeping arrangements in Molly and Charlie’s bedroom. Since Austin has joined the DCVS&NP, things are getting very cozy.  On any given night, Molly and Charlie, Austin (70 pounds), Vivie (the bichon fries and 15 pounds), as well as at least one cat, if not two, are present in the king size bed.  Charlie has recently determined that he is allergic to Vivie, so when she tries to cuddle up next to him (a rare occurrence – she usually sleeps on Molly’s pillow, wrapped around her head), he protests. Therefore, a Maginot Line, the Mason-Dixon Line, an invisible Great Wall of China, if you will, has been created down the center of the bed. When Charlie feels something with paw pads press up against his back in the middle of the night, a variation on the following conversation occurs:

Charlie: Whozzat?

Molly: ….Whuh?

Charlie: ZZat?

Molly: Mmmpf…

(The above exchanges may be repeated several times.)

Charlie:  ZZat Vivvvuh?

Molly: Nnn…no; (fully awake now) dammit, Austin, move!

Austin then rolls over and flattens Molly into the mattress. He may also curl up on her legs, which creates a narrow horizontal slot for Molly to sleep in, with Vivie at the top and Austin at the bottom.

The other night, Molly had to debate for a good five minutes whether the relief of going to the bathroom truly would outweigh the hassle of losing her place in the bed while she was gone. The bathroom won by the tiniest of margins.

Austin has his own nemesis, however.  Ani DiFranco, the smallest of the 3 Meeker cats, sleeps on the foot end of the bed.  Two nights ago, Austin tried to jump on the bed over her.  Ani decided he was not welcome. She hissed, spat, and swiped her claws at Austin’s nose 3 or 4 times.  No matter which angle he tried to use to get around her, she fended him off – slashing his nose more than once.  Austin slept on the floor that night.  Charlie swears he saw Ani chase Austin out of the bedroom all together yesterday, and Austin was squealing!  Which just goes to prove it’s not the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!